A downloadable game for Windows

A platformer in which you can only use each special movement once.

Done between August 2 and 4 of 2019 for the Game Maker's Toolkit jam.

The theme was "ONLY ONE".

Keyboard controls.

Pixel art & animations done by hand in CSPpro, sounds and music done by mouth with windows recorder XD

Game created with ClickTeam Fusion.


SkilLosS.exe 6 MB


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Cool idea! Definitely a lot of potential for more levels. A few minor issues -- "reset skill" in the tutorial room didn't work for me, "escape bar" instead of space bar -- but the core concept is really cool.

What might be interesting is if instead of just getting all the skills at the beginning, you get them one-at-a-time in an environment that's safe to try them and reset the level quickly. Like, the first level could just be totally clear, no skills needed. Then the next has a barrier in the middle, and you learn the jump skill needed to get over it. Then there's a couple levels testing out the jump skill, learning when you need to use it and when you can save it for later. Then, you learn dash in a similar way with a pit in the middle of the level. Then a few levels testing the combined potential of a jump and a dash. Rinse and repeat for as many skills as you want.

There's definitely a lot of potential here!

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated !

Yep, "escape bar", forgot about that. Even with a good grasp of English language I always make localization errors with keyboard inputs :p

That's also why I used arrow keys instead of WASD, that way you don't have to change from qwerty to azerty when launching the game ;)

Introducing the skills one by one is a great way to distillate tutorials into the first levels, I completely agree !

Thanks again to have taken the time to play my game and provide such good feedback !

good idea and nice base for adapt game play to more level


Yeah, I tend to lose time having fun with pixel art then I rush the level design in the final hours. I will try to take some time after the jam to add new levels to experiment a bit more with the concept :)