A downloadable Manger & Bouger for Windows

WARNING: This is a work in progress and, as such, lacks sound, decent graphics, etc.

Basically, you click to orient the purple blob. When it "eats" the orange blobs, it gains energy and mass. Running around requires more energy as your mass augments. You burn some mass while moving or when your energy gets too low.

That's the idea, it still needs some of tweaking to get where I want to be with this little experiment. If you want to test changing the different variables, the .mfa is included.

Have fun! :D

Install instructions

.exe to simply run the game :)

.mfa if you want to test different values for speed/mass/etc.


[WIP]MangerBouger_0.3.exe 2 MB
[WIP]MangerBouger_0.3.mfa 56 kB

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